Frontline Supervision

Leading from the middle

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WHY THIS PROGRAM? Leading from the middle

Supervisors and frontline managers are the important “backbone” of the company for building an effective bridge between management and the shop floor. How supervisors approach opportunities and risks and how they emphasize or delegate have a powerful impact on the site’s safety culture. Besides guarding HSE, quality, and performance, supervisors have to guide, inspire, and develop their teams.

Frontline managers are often promoted into these positions for their technical expertise and may not yet have the right leadership skills for building a mature safety culture. Those skills include:

  • Communicating safety effectively.
  • Managing the interface more smoothly.
  • Governing safety standards more firmly.
  • Establishing a measurable link between learning and expected outcomes.

Frontline supervisors deserve intensive guidance in being an inspirational HSE leader!




The three-module Frontline Supervision program is spread out over 6-12 months. Each module consists of a two-day experiential training with coaching moments on the job. The participants will go through a journey in small groups, discovering:

Optional: certification of this program is possible by adding a 4th module. 

Module 1. Me as an HSE Leader

How to respond to COVID-19 uncertainty? How to keep on building safety and health culture with care in testing times? With these dedicated sessions, you’ll keep reminding your employees about HSE focus and provide them with the instruments to make the best response to their personal and collective safety and health. 

Module 2. Me and my Team

The themes of this module are ownership, example behavior, and connection with your team. Learn how to maximize your impact through situational leadership, how to communicate, and how to connect effectively to exercise safety leadership.

Module 3. Tailor-made Program

In this module, we work on the team’s unique pattern and challenge. The frontline managers will learn how to motivate and inspire others, give feedback, and have courageous conversations. They will develop a versatile leadership style to address different challenges.

Optional: Module 4: Certification

Program set up

We offer two forms of the frontline supervision journey: Online Starter Cycle and Face-to-Face Journey, and different activities are applied to suit each form. The online modules are well connected to the physical frontline supervision modules should you continue afterwards with a face-to-face module.

Online Starter Cycle

6-8 people I In-take moments I 4x modules of 2.5-hour sessions I 1x tailor-made module I 1x individual coaching moment I 1x follow-up call with participants

Face-to-Face Journey

6-8 people I In-take moments I 3x modules of 2-day sessions I 1x tailor-made module I 4x coaching moments I Optional: certification I Follow-up moments

Get an impression


Deeply facilitated our understanding of safety and helped everyone to maximally utilize their competences.

Through this training, I now understand that safety behavior is not only an individual matter; it's a team matter.

If there was a 5th module, I would follow with full enthusiasm. The whole journey untill now has brought me so much awareness of behavior and risk insights and how I can make a real impact on the team.

Better insights into how to help others improve, I enjoyed the structure very much.

It gave me ideas on how to make the site a safe place to work for my team.

I learned to really listen and to share more, to improve the team awareness and my communication skills.

It made me more aware of how to improve my own, and others´, safety behavior.

Give your people a boost to start and the key to influence!

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