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The right mind-set is the best safety tool

Can accidents and incidents really be prevented? After all, safety investments have a natural glass ceiling in the form of human behavior.

In Tense, the leading expert in safety development, focuses on influencing behavior in the long term by changing people’s mind-set and the leadership approach. This serves as a catalyst for safe and attentive work practices, as real safety starts from within.

Safety is a conviction. Based on this philosophy, In Tense can help your organization make a powerful cultural shift in terms of safety.
In Tense. Developing the right mind-set.


In Tense works with passion, focus and respect


In Tense was originally driven to ascribe a deeper meaning to safety: safety as a conviction and a philosophy, anchored in the psyche of all people within an organization.

It's not only possible. It's essential.

Life is precious and priceless. The progress and image of your organization are also invaluable. In Tense therefore aims to prevent damage and loss as much as possible.

In Tense was founded on the conviction that things can and should be improved. This conviction lies at the heart of our company. Everything In Tense develops and undertakes is motivated by the same goal: making sure the road to safety performance is not paved with work-related accidents and black swans.

We believe that human suffering and material damage caused by work-related incidents and accidents can and should be avoided. That lays the foundation for everything we do.

Bart Kelderman, CEO

Creating a mindful attitude that leads to true prevention
Safety is a strong belief

Developing the right mind-set

As valuable as technology and procedures can be, they remain artificial components. Real safety requires real awareness, which starts from within. In Tense teaches everyone in your organization to think and act preventatively in an active and inquisitive way. The result is reflected in alert behavior and a natural attitude, motivated  by personal leadership.

Our programs to develop safety behavior

In Tense develops unique safety programs based on experiential learning. These programs are embedded into your corporate culture and tailored to your business objectives. The client is closely involved in the development and implementation of the entire process. All safety programs offered by In Tense aim to make safety a personal philosophy. The result is to create a natural way of thinking and acting that has a sustainable and powerful preventative effect. A fixed mind-set that is widely supported by all layers of the organization.

General Terms

At In Tense, we are committed to safety and to take you on this safety journey, we developed general terms and conditions to ensure a clear legal journey. If you would like to review them, click here.


In Tense has the conviction that the protection of your personal data should be part of the safety culture. To make it easy for you to take notice of our privacy policy and to understand how your personal information is handled by us, you can view our Privacy Statement here. This statement contains our Privacy Policy and is updated to comply with the European Union privacy regulations, called General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). If you have any questions about your privacy or our Privacy Statement, please contact us at info AT in-tense.nl.

InTense is committed to you

We, at InTense B.V., are committed to providing the best possible service. We value each of our customers and do our best to meet their needs and expectations.
All customers and participants of training and coaching programs are treated with respect, care and diligence. However, if at any point you become unhappy or concerned about our service, please inform us immediately so that we can do our best to resolve the problem. Written complaints can be e-mailed to info@in-tense.nl or sent to InTense B.V., Complaints, Zwartewaterallee 25, 8032 DZ Zwolle, the Netherlands.
Complaints will be dealt with as quickly and efficiently as possible in accordance with the process you can find here.

Making people mindful and alert
Safety is a science of mind

We learn to work with others at a young age. Knowledge is acquired, developed and shared by learning and doing. Our behavior is a contributing factor; the result of various factors like intelligence, environment, personality and genetic qualities.
The In Tense safety programs are founded on this science.



Influencing the psyche

Most work-related accidents are caused by behavior. Human behavior is a complex phenomenon. Understanding the human psyche can help to effectively change human behavior. Numerous brain study paradigms have recently been unfounded, with new insights teaching us the impact that mindful and alert collaboration can have.

Towards a mindful attitude

The In Tense approach is founded on neuropsychological insights and focus on changing ideas, attitudes and assumptions. In Tense uses an excellent safety development concept to make behavior visible in organizations. This behavior is then influenced by a jointly created culture with an excellent safety development concept. This results in people with an alert and preventative mind-set.

Learning by experience

The safety programs developed by In Tense are characterized by experiential learning. This, however, is the only similarity to other programs. In Tense challenges participants by encouraging self-reflection. This gives them a broader perspective and helps them see how subconscious behavior influences individual performance, group dynamics and safety. The focus is on learning together and using behavioral patterns by doing, reflecting and changing.

Your company scan
Monitoring opportunities

In Tense uses the Company Scan to carefully identify your organization’s needs and wishes in advance. The process involves determining the safety culture, conducting interviews and drafting reports. Together, they provide us with detailed information about your company’s safety culture, the specific direction of the In Tense safety program and the available budgets.

Based on leadership and proces approach
Quality assurance guarantees our excellence

Quality assurance is firmly anchored in our safety programs to guarantee their successful implementation. The safety program will be developed in consultation with management and incorporated into the management strategy. In Tense will thoroughly analyze the actual safety status in advance to lay the foundation for a tailor-made process that is consistent with previous efforts.

Quality requires comittment

Quality assurance guarantees the intended safety performance and is strongly associated with commitment. In Tense will only give a quality guarantee if the entire safety program is strictly followed according to the agreements, and completed and implemented in full. Only then can In Tense create and ensure a tailor-made safety strategy.

The common denominator in your organization

The In Tense safety program will form the common denominator in your organization. The way there may change, but the destination is always the same: a sustainable culture shift in terms of safety. This is implemented at the executive level, at the primary and secondary management level and on the workroom floor.


These valued customers would like to tell you about In Tense, our methodologies,
our successes in their organization and our quality assurance. We will be happy to contact you.

Trusted anywhere and everywhere
Safety has no borders

In Tense is active worldwide in various sectors. As a safety partner for leading clients, In Tense develops a wide range of safety programs. Because each branch has its own challenges and no two organizations are alike, In Tense always creates custom programs.

transport & logistics
oil & gas
food & beverage
You can't teach safety
Developing the right mindset starts with leadership

The In Tense Academy

The In Tense Academy is an academic institute and knowledge lab.
Here, safety trainers follow very specific training programs developed by In Tense. The In Tense company trainers are also trained here, with an eye towards quality assurance. The In Tense Academy trains safety trainers for management to the workroom floor and has a strict admission policy.

Transforming learning into philosophy

The In Tense programs focus on experiential learning, a discipline that requires considerable training and education. Joint experiential learning is the targeted philosophy behind the In Tense safety program. Adopting a new philosophy requires confrontation, insight development and cooperation. In short: mindful collaboration. The adaptive program is developed according to the specific needs of the client and tailored to the local culture.

Management from above, conviction from within

Behavioral change involves leadership, mind-set development and risk awareness. It also involves communication skills, timely intervention and a team atmosphere. Top-down management is essential to this. The primary supervisors form the most important link in generating safe behavior. Management also has a direct impact on the behavioral patterns involved with operational activities. Management from above leads to conviction from within.

Safety doesn't happen by accident
The In Tense Training and Coaching Program




HSE leadership Experience
(executives and middle management)

Safety Leadership course based on the pillars Standards, Risk Management, Involvement and Communication. Creates personal and team alignment towards a shared and value-based HSE vision and the (personal) steps to be taken towards a proactive HSE culture.

Enhancing HSE for non-operation managers
(executives and middle management)

This course offers executives more insight into the right HSE mind-set and behaviors and provides tools for holding useful and courageous conversations in a highly technical environment by using solution-focused methodology.

Time Out program
(first-line management and shop floor)

Safety Leadership course based on the pillars Standards, Risk Management, Involvement and Communication. Creates more ownership, personal leadership and responsibility towards HSE and provides tools to help address behavior and demonstrate model behavior.

Mindful Collaboration
(tailored for different layers in organization)

Developing the behavior of people in an organization towards a High Performance Culture and Operational Excellence (proactive culture Hearts and Minds) by mirroring current behavior and practicing desired behavior of continuous improvement in the so-called Flow Factory.


Coaching skills for first line managers
(first-line managers)

Develop coaching skills to ask the right HSE questions at different layers within the organization, improve awareness, responsibility and ownership in the team and empower team members to take time outs when necessary.

Coaching on the job
(different layers in organization)

Individuals or teams are actively coached within actual HSE work situations by In Tense coaching experts and receive personal feedback on their performance.

Team coaching
(executive teams)

In Tense Team Coaching experts work together with executive leadership teams to get the best out of the team and the individuals within the team.

Last minute risk assessment coaching
(middle management and first-line managers)

Develop skills to ask the right sets of questions for carrying out an LMRA coaching conversation in the workplace with internal employees and contractors.

Shared Social Responsibility

In Tense believes and actively invests in the values of ‘giving back’ and Social Responsible Entrepreneurship.

Yearly we put aside a substantial part of our revenues and time to be able to start social projects in which we freely offer our expertise, skills and materials for the benefit of target groups who normally don’t have access to exclusive development programs.

From the In Tense Social Responsibility Fund:

  • We purposefully cooperate with our clients to create shared social programs; in which we both contribute freely for the benefit of special target groups. Simply said: whom else can benefit from the HSE development programs we create together?
  • We freely offer our trainers, staff and training locations in support of specific groups of children and youth to experience the power of experiential learning and teamwork.
  • We warmly support the amazing Buzz project (http://buzzindia.co/) by offering training programs for their team and support their growth.

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