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WHY THIS PROGRAM? Optimal mindset, lasting impacts

Online programs you’ve never experienced before! Since COVID-19, the InTense team has developed, tested, and executed a range of online options to help our clients influence the behavioral change for better HSE culture globally and continuously. The sessions are well designed and enriched with suitable activities to facilitate experiential learning even in virtual space. Our online portfolio aims to impress you.

It's the mindset that makes a difference

How should an organization respond to COVID-19 uncertainty? How can you keep building your safety and health culture with care during testing times? With these dedicated sessions, you’ll keep reminding your employees about the HSE focus and provide them with the instruments to make the best response to their personal and collective safety and health.

The form of learning matters

We recognize people’s general needs for connection, especially under the COVID-19 restrictions. How do you take care of your employees’ personal safety and health while remaining sharp on your HSE agenda? Our online products provide a strong platform to share, connect, learn, feel empowered to make small but positive changes in personal lives facing uncertainty, and professionally advance your HSE culture and performance.

From connection to positive change

All our clients find our experiential learning methodology unique and effective. Do you believe distance learning can be also impactful? Equipped with the same core spirit, the sessions are executed with engaging activities in small groups embracing our motto of “Feel, Think, Act”. Your people will be motivated to learn in a fun, dynamic, and reflective way.

WHAT DOES THIS PROGRAM ENTAIL? Offerings for all levels

Whether you´re a senior executive or shop floor employee, whether you´re in a mature safety culture environment or having sites facing HSE issues, we aim to deliver an experience in which the change and transformation happen in the session. You´ll quickly harvest the fruits and be inspired to make the impact last. 

Online HSE Leadership program

For senior managers

3 x 2.5-hr session

Online Frontline Supervision

For frontline managers

4 x 2.5-hr sessions

Online Mindset Booster

For shop floors

1 x 2.5-hr session

Get an impression


Well facilitated! Good way of connecting: sometimes I forgot it was a virtual session!
Excellent guidance. Accessible exercises that immediately show the human impact and nature.
Interactive and easy to follow online! During this training you will find out that your goal is achieved through cooperation, attention and focus, not speed!
I really enjoyed this. It was a great way to frame the importance of mindset, taking time to be mindful of what we are doing and hands on experience with ways to better work with our colleagues.
The online exercise was certainly as good as a live activity.
Very interactive session, the exercises involve a lot.
Compliments for how well you kept this session “moving” at a distance. Two fun exercises with surprises that make you think for a while.
Cited the right points in a light-hearted manner, so everyone can consciously include and transfer this.
Good atmosphere. Good balance between doing and listening.

Give your people a boost to start and the key to influence!

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