Time-Out Program

Transform the issue sites and regain peace of mind

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Fatalities, injuries, high recordable incidents rates, and high lost-time incidents rates are alarming HSE symptoms of issue sites. They not only impact the company’s reputation and business performance but also directly link to the company’s license to operate.

Even companies that have already reached the proactive HSE culture stage are not free from “problem children”. New acquisitions, weak safety leadership, and creeping complacencies contribute to the emergence of issue sites. The alarming signs keep the senior management awake at night. The point is that you never know when the next big “bang” is. You don’t feel in control!

When facing this challenge, the company’s pressing needs are quickly turning around those issue sites and how the site can regain control and have a healthy and safe foundation to thrive.


Our Time-Out program is specially designed to transform issue sites and restore your peace of mind.


Program set up

The two-day Time-Out program is built on four pillars: risk insight, personal leadership, communication, and teamwork. Within these intensive two days, the participants will learn about the essentials of safety mindset and behavior, connect to their inner drive to embrace a proactive HSE culture, and boost their ownership to take steady actions to make positive changes.

Through our proven experiential learning methodology, participants will learn useful concepts, practice powerful behavioral instruments through activities and challenges, experience the impact of their behavior shifts, reflect, and connect the dots to their working realities. They will also build a common vision and a tangible action plan to transform their working realities. To ensure a lasting impact, we have included one follow-up day to firmly anchor the learnings as they’re implemented. The site will go through a sharp learning curve of share, shape, and shine!

8-12 people I In-take moments I 2-day face-to-face training program I 1-day advanced anchoring follow-up day I Out-take moment to support participants´ actions

Get an impression


Almost every aspect of the training was relatable back to work, excellent mix of challenges, reflection and theory - well organized.
You challenged me in ways I have not been challenged. You brought our site closer together as one unit. Thank you so much for the experience.
Best training ever. Helped me take time to realize under the surface.
The training helped me be more aware of my surroundings and to speak up if I do not feel safety is the top priority.
The training was excellent. The site is already a better place & we continuously build on what we have learned.
A new way to look at safety culture, helped to bring people out of their shell to be more active.

Give your people a boost to start and the key to influence!

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