Grow with flow

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  • Moving from a proactive HSEQ culture towards a generative culture of continuous improvement.
  • Providing a simulated environment with a complexity level similar to that of the participants’ jobs, where dots can be connected and insights put into practice.
  • Empowering participants to make well-considered safety and health choices in situations where performance pressure is high.


  • Senior/middle management who have completed the HSE Leadership program and are ready to take the next step.
  • For organizations with a proactive culture that want to develop an environment that encourages generative behavior.
This program is well suited for:
  • Leaders with a proactive mindset.
  • People with a strong sense of ownership towards their responsibilities, regardless of their organizational position or status.
  • Employees with a growth mindset who want to reach the next level of maturity in their HSEQ performance.




Raising awareness among management and change makers about their roles as leaders in creating a proactive/generative, high-performance organization.

Program set up

  1. The program prepares leadership and change makers for more generative behaviour in HSEQ.
  2. The simulation with the FLOW factory concept will let candidates experience the challenge of making HSEQ choices under performance pressure. The practice and reflection from this experience will help candidates GROW responsible leadership going back to their business environment.
  3. We will use a  “tailored” gaming language to your organization’s context and challenges for better relatedness.

9-14 people I Intake call I Personal assessments (optional) I Preparing the audience (optional) I 2-day face-to-face program I Outtake call I Follow up services (optional)

Get an impression


Very well done and tremendous value for myself and my leadership team. The facilitators were outstanding and the experiential learning was excellent.
Best safety course I had the pleasure to attend so far. My favorite moment was the practical exercise where we practice the STOP moments. Thank you!
The program gave me greater insight on my own behaviors and others especially in those crucial times. Great dialog and respect for the instructors.

Give your people a boost to start and the key to influence!

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