Comfort’s Trap: A Wake-Up Call for Holiday Safety Mindset

Amidst a serene Portuguese beach, our family holiday took an unexpected turn. Laughter filled the air as the children played, but whistles suddenly shattered the tranquility… This incident exposed our cognitive biases, urging us to confront the lurking dangers we had overlooked. Comfort should never blind us, read this personal story for crucial insights that will keep you safe during your own cherished getaways.

Courageous Timeouts: A Paradigm Shift from Burnout to Empowerment

Do you remember the Risk Reduction Model which is the backbone of our Safety Leadership Assessment called “Mycelia”? One of the key enablers is the “courage to intervene”. In below article, Bart shares one of his personal experiences when he was a facilitator in early days of founding InTense when working with a group.

The Power of Connection for an Improved Safety Culture

In John C. Maxwell’s thought-provoking book “Everyone Communicates, Few Connect” he writes about the powerful difference in our relationships when we truly connect, rather than just communicate with each other.  At InTense, we have a metaphorical visual for that – Iceberg. Read more here about the power of connection in improving the safety culture.

Risk Reduction for Safer Organisation

Many of you have probably witnessed an event when you asked yourself “How in the world did this occur?  What could people have possibly been thinking?”  How did leadership play a role here? When investigating safety incidents, it is crucial to avoid isolating individuals’ behavior and instead carefully examine the broader context.

I think, therefore I am… Wrong here!

Thinking, is an executive function in our brain. Have you ever wondered what circumstances could potentially diminish our capacity to think? When it comes to health and safety, how crucial critical thinking is in unlocking the full potential of our employees? In each and every InTense session we deliver, we aspire to connect people to their unlimited potential to Feel. Think. Act. Toward a common vision of HSE.

How does a growth mindset leader feel-think-act?

Do you remember our post about the four safety leadership mindsets, with the growth mindset being the most beneficial when it comes to safety? Then you may have started to ask yourself how such a leader puts this mentality into practice in daily work. How does a safety leader with a growth mindset think, feel, and act?