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We guarantee impact and govern the impact to last

Our program always succeeds in making a great impact. That comes not only from the experience during the program but also the efforts before and after the program to work on the right context to make a lasting impact. In short, we aim to deliver a powerful program and work with you to sustain the impact by ensuring the right context.

You can find our services in the following categories, which aim to build an ecosystem in which you can nourish the right behavior and mindset.


InTense is your partner in culture change. This means that from the first day we engage with you, we take your organization’s unique needs and developmental stage to heart. We also know that being a good partner requires good listening and the courage to hold a mirror whenever necessary to confront the mindset and behavior that’s jeopardizing your HSE culture development. By doing it in a caring and respectful way, we influence the people within your organization to live up to the standards you want for your HSE culture.

Our SADA service contains Scan, Analysis, Diagnose, and Advice steps. We conduct interviews with several stakeholders and carry out site visits to assess your HSE maturity level, tapping into your strengths, running initiatives, identifying gaps, and designing the program that accurately addresses the leadership and behavior needed to make the leap.

Through this powerful session with your top team, you’ll benefit from our honest mirror, identify your blind spot, and receive the opportunity and strength you can leverage into making a transformational impact.


Our engagement services are a set of value-adding deliverables to help you prepare and motivate the audience in the best possible way to be receptive to change before the program and be driven and proud of changes after the program. We do so by raising awareness, encouraging curiosity, enhancing ownership, and multiplying successes.

A motivated employee is half the success. Our motivational teaser (in blended media form) aims to prepare your people – our audience – in the best possible way to be receptive to the change journey.

Our Online Mindset Booster is a 2.5-hour “starter” before the physical program. It quickly provides a common language, excites and empowers the audience for making small steps, and works up their appetite for more HSE behavioral changes.

Our deep learning programs often make a transformational impact on local teams. We can help you accelerate success by building nice case studies on not only the results but also the valuable lessons to inspire more audiences.


Culture change journey is a long-committed track to climbing the mountain as a team. Our strong programs are often a change catalyst to start the reactor, but for impact to last beyond the program, we highly recommend you consider the proper follow-up means that best suit your audience.

It takes time and a lot of practice for healthy HSE behaviors to turn into habits. Our Advanced Anchoring is an add-on service designed to help teams carry out follow-up steps effectively and anchor learnings from the program in a participant’s prior knowledge or experience.

This online mini-module, which features two 2.5-hour sessions, is suitable for teams who need a refreshment of the learning. The activities during the online session keep challenging the members to practice the right HSE behavior.

Complacency is the biggest enemy of the HSE culture, but it’s difficult to spot when the team collectively falls victim to it. The best way to combat complacency is to be alert to its early signals. Our Safe Sense Barometer is a self-detecting instrument for individuals and teams to capture those signals and take the right measures.


Seeing is believing. How do you measure culture and behavior change? How do you know how well you’re advancing on your HSE journey? Our measurement instruments will allow you to “feel” the impact of your culture change program in a “visual” way.

Hearts and Minds uses a culture ladder to simplify and categorize safety cultures. This divides safety culture into five categories, each requiring different leadership styles and behavioral changes. This survey provides you with a snapshot of where you began and how your culture maturity has improved over time.

Safety leadership contains specific qualities that lead the organization to make the right choices, especially when the performance target and the safety conviction are at odds. With our cutting-edge 360-degree assessment tool, the individual and team gain valuable insights into the concrete leadership elements that make a difference. The multivariate measurement will provide the right picture of the behavioral change progress.

*This survey is designed based on the cutting edge scientific findings of Dr. Victor Roggeveen from Leiden University in the Netherlands.

Give your people a boost to start and the key to influence!