Trainer / facilitator

for Safety Culture Development 


InTense is an ambitious and professional organization which supports organizations make powerful safety and health culture shifts with the right Mindset to credibly convey this in how people feel, think and actInTense ( works to create a safe working environment based on a belief that human suffering, damage to property and accidents can and should be prevented.

To support our internal team of professionals InTense is looking for a passionate, experienced safety development facilitator/trainer/coach. A facilitator/trainer/coach at InTense assists and facilitates organizations in the field of safety culture development, safety awareness, teambuilding, communication and leadership. To this end, he or she makes the ideas developed by InTense and In Tenses specific training methods his /her own. An important feature of the InTense training method is learning by experiencing on location (at home and abroad) as well online as face to face.

The trainer is part of a solid team of permanent and  freelance trainers.  He is responsible for advancing his own (personal) development, by, for example, participating in courses at the In Tense Academy. Besides training, he also carries out commercial and connecting activities. He creates and maintains contacts with clients, knows what their requirements are, and responds to them accordingly. 



Programs run by In Tense aim to create a culture of safety and are often dedicated to raising safety awareness, safety leadership and a safety driven mindset. This means that the content and methodology of our programs should focus on both safety culture development and developing leadership concepts.

An InTense facilitator is:

  • Identifying, responding to and convert any commercial signals during and after the training course, towards a possible follow-up assignment (in consultation with the sales team).
  • Always attentive to safety needs, behaves in a safe way, carries out evaluations and provides feedback regarding safety.
  • Reflective and self -propelling in leadership development, has the ability to facilitate behavioral learning at both individual and group level.
  • Able to facilitate building connection between safety, culture and leadership, and making the link from the learnings in room to the clients work realities.

 In addition:

  • A passion for the training/coaching and HSE culture development. An affinity with the organizations ideological aspects (feels a responsibility to contribute to a safe working environment, well-being and health for all).
  • Extensive experience as a facilitator.
  • Extensive experience with experiential learning.
  • Experience with coaching.
  • Education: HBO (Master/Bachelor) level (as a minimum).
  • Language proficiency: fluency in English as a minimum, preferably also in any of the following languages: German, French, Spanish, Portuguese or Chinese Mandarin.
  • Internationally oriented. Willing and able to travel regularly both at home country and abroad for training courses lasting several days.
  • A commercial outlook and customer-oriented attitude and experience with HSE is a strong plus.
  • Enterprising can do attitude, a go-getter.
If you are interested, please send us your application (click here), if you have questions or need more information, you can also write to us using below contact form.