Keeping the complacency in check – JUVA sharing their stories

In an interview with Eddie van der Wereld from InTense, CEO Frank Binnekamp defines JUVA’s status as world-class workplace as an environment where in everyone is seen, heard, and valued. How has their safety culture development journey with InTense contributed to this? What have been success factors and eye-opening moments?

From “production first” to “safety first”

The client is a world-leading specialty chemical company. This case study focuses on two production sites in North America. The sites operate under one management team and have a total of 140 employees, including 9 senior management team members.

Turnaround safety performance with a global chemical company

The client is a global polymer producing chemical company. This evidence based sheet focusses on a site located in the Mid South of America, situated in a business park with several other companies. At the company, there are over 700 working employees, including contractors. The senior management team consists of 10 members.

From calculative to proactive and the measurement result for Time-Out programs

Scientific research executed by the Technical University of Delft, the Netherlands on the effectiveness of the InTense Time-Out (Alert) program.

Make a leap in developing safety culture with a world-leading logistic company

The company is a world-leading expert in global express delivering to more than 200 countries and territories worldwide. This case study focuses on a network hub based in the Netherlands.