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If you want to change the HSE culture, you need an effective and efficient way to make an impact throughout the whole organization. Unlike procedure improvement, fostering the behavior and mindset change is a long journey that needs constant care to reach the mind and hearts of the people.

Safety champions are the organization’s catalyst for change. A powerful Safety Champion program will deliver the leverage to:



Under the professional guidance of InTense experts, safety champions are equipped with mindset and skills to:

Program set up

An InTense facilitator will guide and prepare the safety and health champions for their pivotal roles in implementing the learning programs. The carefully selected champions will experience the programs with specific themes themselves before developing their facilitation skills and learning how to make impactful interventions. They will then be tasked with rolling out and facilitating small theme-based workshops within the organization. During the implementation process, each safety champion will receive continued support and personal coaching from InTense coaches.

We have two well-designed Safety Champion programs, each suiting a different stage of development. Each program will contain:

Safety Champion program 1.0

drive for safety

Within this program, the champions experience first-hand the “drivers” for safety through experiential learning.

8 people I 4-day program I Coaching follow-ups during implementation

Safety and Health Champion program 2.0

creating a safe and healthy working environment

Within this program, typically after the 1.0 program is completed and anchored within the organization, the champions expand their “drivers” for safety with additional concepts through our 2.0 training.

8 people I 4-day program I Coaching follow-ups during implementation

Get an impression


One of the best training that I’ve been in. The trainer gave very good feedback.
The training gave me the accountability to improve the safety culture at work and the right tools to enable me to train others.
Good reinforcement of the concept that was introduced in the earlier training and the importance of leading by example.
The training further enhances my safety & quality behavior.
The trainer encouraged me to stand up and present to the team, clearly identified things to improve, and provided valuable suggestions.

Give your people a boost to start and the key to influence!

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